Web Design in Chicago -- The Newest Level Playing Field


Educational background is one of the most consistent predictors of an individual’s financial success.  The internet itself was conceptualized with education in mind – to make it easier for those in scholastic and research fields to share information rapidly and reliably.  Web design companies in Chicago continue to leverage the world wide web’s greatest asset – education – to build successful and dynamic businesses.


The ability to use a computer undoubtedly in an incredible, and some would say necessary, skill to have in today’s world.  Chicago city officials recognized this early on, and have always instituted aggressive policies designed to give every child computer access and training as soon in their educational careers as possible.  This has predictably turned into a great boon for the city at large, in terms of creating an educated and employable work force, though many in the city were slow to recognize the far-reaching advantages.  Craig Decker was much quicker on the uptake.


“We realized that there were thousands of driven and capable individuals in Chicago that represented in some ways a completely untapped resource for an Illinois website company,” Decker explains.  Decker owns a web design company based in Chicago.  “Our hiring practices were extremely flawed, in step with the rest of the industry.  Website development companies and graphic design firms have historically neglected to realize that there are huge workforce pools of individuals who make incredible employees, but may not necessarily have graduated from college.  Once we caught on to this serious oversight we were able to make adjustments within our own company.”


These adjustments are paying off.  Employees with basic computer skills and top-notch work ethics are being eagerly snapped up by the burgeoning number of Chicago-based web firms.  “Illinois web design” is on its way to becoming a buzzword of sorts in the industry.  This burgeoning growth couldn’t have happened so rapidly, or so effectively, without a workforce capable of rising to the challenge.


But Decker’s not only seeing simple growth from good hiring practices.  Due to the influx of bilingual employees, he was able to launch a department solely dedicated to bilingual web design with immediate success.  “It turned out to be such a no-brainer, I was embarrassed I hadn’t thought of it sooner,” he admits.

Web design companies in Chicago are all taking note of this success, and the hiring practices of old are being tossed out the window.  “It really goes to show how valuable it is as a city to educate your children.  Web design in Chicago wouldn’t be where it is today if schools didn’t focus on computer and internet training.”  Website businesses across the city are echoing Decker’s note of thanks.


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