Chicago Web Development

Chicago, the city which has long been known as the culinary crux of the nation, now offers its wares to an international audience via the web. Web Development companies in Chicago are teaming up with catering companies and restaurateurs to promote and distribute high-end food products to an increasingly discerning clientele.
             Companies like Chicago, Illinois’ Adage Technologies are on the cutting edge of this burgeoning opportunity. In a recent interview molecular gastronomist Ken Tanaka touts the merits of Chicago as a great location for his restaurant. Not only does it provide his restaurant with plenty of local patrons, but also with plenty of room to expand to a national and international market. “Chicago offers more options in web development than one would think. There’s really no need to outsource, I can meet in person with local Chicago web developers. Not only did they build me a gorgeous website, but they introduced me to valuable tools like search engine optimization and ecommerce solutions.”
            Ken trained at one of Chicago’s top culinary schools, and was immediately offered a position at a popular Chicago restaurant.  When he started a business with his old college roommate, Amy Friedman, neither of them knew just how many opportunities Chicago offered. “It was rough at first,” Amy recalls “But once we were online, the business really started to snowball.” Nowadays, Amy and Ken export their unique products to adventurous eaters across the country. “I remember when we got our first order from New York. I immediately called Amy to tell her how well the website design had worked,” Ken continues “that was just the start, once we ventured into the realms of search engine marketing and ecommerce, we were getting orders from Odessa to Poughkeepsie. I have weekly meetings regarding development and programming to make sure our website is always on top!”
           Ecommerce is helping niche businesses like Ken’s and Amy’s branch out in more ways than one. Their unique approach to preparing food has earned them rave reviews in top culinary magazines. However, it’s their impressive web presence which has closed them deals with professional event planners and corporate sponsors. “Amy is scheduled to appear on a prime time coking show on the Food Network next month,” beams Ken proudly. “One of their producers stumbled upon our website during a related Google search. Search engine optimization put our site at the top of the list. He was sold after the first click!”
            The next step for Ken and Amy is catering international events. Thanks to their Chicago web development team, meetings are scheduled with event planners in Japan. “As you probably know, the Japanese are no strangers to technology. The clients we encountered overseas loved our website design, and were intrigued by our technological approach to preparing food. Our web presence and internet marketing strategies really paid off.” Ken leans forward in his chair to exclaim “Next stop: Tokyo!” Web development in Chicago is creating new and exciting collaborations like this every day.