Online Marketing Chicago: Making the Parents Proud


Online Marketing: Chicago : I got my college degree in American History.  It hasn’t proved to be the most helpful major, and certainly didn’t offer much in terms of post-college careers, but who knows what they want to do for the rest of their life when they’re in undergrad?  Well, ok, maybe lots of people, but definitely not me.


Anyways, after graduation I just bounced from job to job trying to find something that fit.  I could never really get used to the type of corporate environment that I saw so many of my friends joining.  I’m motivated and smart, but I hate having people looking over my shoulder all the time, or asking me why I’m not wearing a tie.  As you can probably guess, I wasn’t a real success at any of the companies I worked for.  I ended up at a marketing firm in Chicago, which looking back has turned out to be a real lucky chance for me.


I spent most of my time at that company talking to bossy clients and clueless graphic designers, but one of the smaller projects I was helping with ended up handing me the keys to the life I now enjoy.  My company was a big advertising firm, and in order to keep current they had started some tentative campaigns into what was then an industry just starting to blow up – online marketing.

It was really fun working with the guys that were involved in this campaign, because they always had something new going on.  We were helping our clients with all the different steps needed to make them a force online.  Our company was just getting its feet wet with web design, web development, and even content management for some pretty big database driven websites.  I didn’t get to help with everything, but to see the whole process was really cool for me.

I decided to do some research on my own to learn more about what internet marketing really was.  Little did I know that Chicago, Illinois was a real hotbed for web-based marketing of all kinds.  Chicago search engine marketing alone was becoming a huge industry, and I didn’t even know at the time what search engine optimization (SEO) was!


Now we can fast forward about two years later.  I had learned enough from the guys I was working with to start training myself in the sorts of skills I’d need to strike out on my own.  Of course I’ve had a lot of help along the way, but now I run my own company that focuses strictly on emarketing and ecommerce.  For a lot of the web design stuff I can bring in friends to help, but in general I’m running the whole show.


It’s nice now to be able to feel comfortable with my job.  My parents are thrilled with my career, and I don’t even have to wake up in the morning before 9am!  Sure, I didn’t major in Internet Marketing, but for an American History major it’s not a bad place to end up.

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