eCommerce Solutions


Competition for your site grows daily.


Online shopping is a competitive enterprise, and customers need a reason to choose your site. Artemis Internet Consultants Inc. makes your website easy to find, easy to navigate, and easy to shop. We make customization of your site a snap. Add new products, pricing and information before the competition beats you to it. Our eCommerce solutions include:


Products to Entice:
We provide attractive product display features including photos, pull-down menus and options for sizes, colors and styles.


Recommended Products:
Provide suggestions for related products while your customers shop.


The Latest Search Technology:
Make it quick and simple for your customer to find exactly what they are looking for.


Featured and Clearance Products:
Quickly shift merchandise around to make featured products apparent to your customer.


More Payment Options:
Give customers the freedom to pay with credit card, purchase order, fax or phone.


Encryption Technology:
Your customers need not worry about identity theft or stolen credit cards with the latest in encryption security.


Calculate Shipping Automatically:
Take the hassle out of shipping costs for your customers.


Maintain Painlessly:
Modify products, prices and styles without any technical know-how.


Constantly Gather Data:
Monitor what your customers buy. See who visits, how often, for how long, and what they're interested in.


Customize your solution today.