Online Marketing: New York


Casual gaming is becoming an integral part of Online Marketing in New York. Casual gaming is quickly becoming America’s new favorite pastime. Internet users look to websites such as Facebook and Yahoo! Games to whittle away the minutes between tasks at work or school. Casual games lack the complex rules or arcane geekiness of so-called “hardcore games”. They appeal to a mass audience spanning many demographics. Because of this, they are now being eyed by Internet marketing and Public Relations firms.
            Many casual gaming producers base themselves in New York City. Because of its fast-paced environment and diverse demographics, New York is the perfect location for many of these companies. Many of these games have banners or other ads feature on the site. Some even have ads integrated into the games themselves. Internet advertising companies will pay large sums to have their clients featured on the top gaming sites.
            Taking this to the next level, many companies have created games which are in fact ads themselves. Companies like Redbull have integrated corporate branding into casual games featured on their websites. With the use of clever flash website design, these interactive ads are wildly popular internet marketing tools. Not only do these companies’ websites provide goods and services, but also entertainment. This web site promotion technique draws in new and valuable customers to a website.
            Online Marketing in New York, of course, integrates interactive entertainment such as casual gaming. Websites which specialize in casual gaming, as well as websites which feature interactive casual gaming ads are looking to SEO companies to increase traffic to their games. Search Engine Optimization, which has been used for retail and informational websites in the past, is now being utilized to spearhead marketing campaigns for casual gaming websites which generate revenue from advertisers.  Marketing, Advertising and SEO Company Blueliner would seem a likely companion to the casual gaming phenomenon. However, many traditional marketing companies in New York have yet to discover the potential of this exciting new medium.

            Multimedia solutions such as casual gaming are becoming a huge part of online marketing, New York. The rapidly expanding casual game community includes many college students and recent graduates. This demographic, with its readily disposable income and notoriously short attention span has caught the eye of internet marketing companies. The aforementioned Facebook is a massive venue for advertisers and game-producers alike. Both are readily developing “Facebook applications” as a means of spreading information regarding their company or product.  This exciting and fun new enterprise holds prospects for producers and advertisers alike.


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