Chicago SEO and Internet Marketing :
Carving a Name For Yourself Online


Carpentry, Chicago SEO , and Chicago Internet marketing might seem like unlikely terms to find together in a sentence, but for Wilford Jones they make up the two pillars of a mission statement that has rescued the business that has been in his family for generations.


“Marketing wasn’t even a part of Jones’ Old Mill until my father took over,” Jones explains.  Jones’ has been designing and creating custom décor and furniture in the Chicago, Illinois area since Wilford’s grandfather started the company producing his own signature umbrella stands.  His father, Wilford, expanded the Old Mill by adding to the variety of objects designed and partnering with several local boutiques and catalogues.


But over the past ten years business at the carpentry shop was on a steady decline.  “We just reached a point where we had an urgent need for growth.”  So Jones turned to an unlikely source for marketing– the internet.  A friend referred him to an internet marketing Chicago company, and with their help Jones has completely overhauled the way that Old Mill does business.


The biggest challenge for Jones was wrapping his head around how business works online and wrapping his head around SEM -- search engine markeing.  “Ecommerce web site development is not something my father ever had to take into account, but I’ve found now, moving into internet marketing, that it’s about a lot more than web design.  Web development and good content management are just the start of your web site marketing.  We’re using search engine marketing optimization to make sure that when you type in ‘carpentry Chicago, Illinois’ on your search engine you’ll be directed right to our website.”


Now Jones’ Mill is reaping the benefits from smart marketing opportunities that span every corner of the web and span ervy corner of the globe.  With the same twinkle in his eyes as if he were telling you about a brand new arm chair design Wilford likes to brag about his company’s success with emarketing. To the new Jones’ Old Mill, database driven web sites are as integral as lathes and saws.


“I’ve even taught my father how to check on the shop’s website.  He always said that his father, Wilford, nearly disowned him when they made the move to catalogues.  I’m lucky my old man’s a little more progressive.  Businesses these days need a little more progressive edges to stay on the curve. He was the first one on board when I started talking about a serious move towards web-based internet marketing.”


Says Wilford’s father of the ecommerce shift – “SEO?  Sure, I know what that is!  It’s paying for my retirement! It is how businesses these days work and it's something definitely to take into account!”


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